Hi! I’m RaShaun, your soon-to-be web designer and developer. I love working with small businesses and solo entrepreneurs and am inspired by their passion and their drive. Unfortunately, those qualities can get lost under the daunting task of building your business on your own. Let's make a deal: I'll take care of developing your brand, building your website, and creating graphics for your social media, while you focus on running your awesome business. Tell me what you need; I'm happy to help!

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What I'm Great at:

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Finding the Best Way to Reach Your Goals

I can organize your brand, goals, and ideas, into a clear and consistent focus. Don't have a clear brand yet? I can help with that too.

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Building Flexible Websites

I design and build functional websites that work on all devices and are consistent with your brand.

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Working with Clients

Taking the necessary time to learn and build better relationships with you and your business is key.

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Website Troubleshooting

Keeping up with regular maintenance and fixing frustrating bugs can be tricky. Leave it to me; I really enjoy it.


Screenshot of Wonderpreneur logo. Screenshot of Wonderpreneur logo.

My client was inspired by Wonder Woman, and needed a logo that embodied strength and power. I designed this logo (with matching stamp design) for my client's Wonderpreneur Facebook community.

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Resumes by Brooke Miles

Looking for a modern and professional site? I designed and built a more contemporary and sleek WordPress site for a resume writer, who was just starting out.

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Personal Website

Screenshot of my personal website.

I'm capable of designing and building both modern and outside-of-the-box sites. I don't limit myself or my clients by sticking to one specific design.

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I can implement a grid design to showcase products in a store, various stories in a blog, or photographs in your portfolio.

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Opens in new window Screenshot of website for REJD.

If you already have a design, I can build from it with no problems. This work in progress is a copy of HZDG's old site, with some minor changes to the colors. I also used different graphics, and customized some myself.

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What am I currently working on?

Building a complete website for a freelance photographer. He wants a simple site that is easy to look though and focuses on his photographs. Also included social media buttons and a simple contact form for potential clients.

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Let’s Work Together!

Want me to design and build your website? Need help focusing your brand? Or just want to learn more about me and what I do?